Thursday, January 5, 2012


My cousin's wife May was 5 months pregnant with their first baby when I saw her at a family gathering. For someone that's pregnant she's gorgeous without those pregnant fat I saw with other women when they are pregnant.
While everyone are busy socially and drinking, I walk to the kitchen from the living room to get some water and I saw her washing some dishes. I look at her from behind and saw her ass sticking out my eyes open wider as I look at her behind and she noticed and ask me what I'm looking at, I told her she didn't let her body go and she said she was trying to impress my cousin but it seem to not working and since my cousin found out she is pregnant they stop having sex and she took it back and said you know i'm just kidding right?, I said “i'm sure you are” and I laugh and we talk for a few minutes. Before I left the kitchen I told her “if you're my wife and that good looking while pregnant, I would be making love with you and makes you feel especial every single time”, I left and went to where all the cousins in the basement shooting pool, smoking, drinking beer, playing beer pong, drinking tequila and hennesy shots.

May came down and while she was at the stairs going down, my cousin told her to get the fuck out of the room and she went back up without saying anything but I noticed her embarrassment and I told my cousin why the fuck you have to do that to your wife, pregnant woman has low self esteem and my cousin said it's just us anyways and I said okay. When it was late, everyone was drunk and sleeping all over the basement. I went upstairs and find a room where its quiet and suddenly I heard a low sound of someone crying in the room so I knock on the door and open it and look around and may was in the walk-in closet crying. I didn't ask why because I already know the reason why she's crying.

I was just trying to be nice and comfort her so I sat down next to her in the closet and she leans to me in tears, I put my hands around her and rubbing her biceps and I made a joke and told her that she got a nice muscles on her arms and she laughs a little bit. I told her my cousin was just making sure she and her baby don't smell all those smokes that's probably why he said it but she said he didn't have to yell at her like that.

I told her “It's okay” and kissed her forehead. We talk for a while until she calm down and she wraps her hands around me and hug me tight. I told her she don't deserve to be treated like nobody. After I said that she kissed me on my neck to my lips and she put her hands inside my shorts and she started to play with my dick while we were kissing. She kneels down and told me to stand up and she pull my shorts and boxers down and she started to suck my dick, she was holding my ass and pushing me towards her mouth in and out, licking and sucking my balls. My dick was really hard and I just wanted to fuck her but she seems to enjoy giving me a blow job so I let her gave me a head. She suck my all 8 inches dick in her mouth, she didn't complain when I pushed her head all the way and let it stay in her mouth.

I took her hands and pull her up and I kiss her lips down to her boobies. Her boobies are huge round and hard, I play with them with my hands and my tongue and bite her nipples while I was pulling her pants down and her underwear down to her knees, I rub her pussy and it was really wet, I fingered her and play with her clits and she was moaning but silently, after a while of using my finger inside her she told me to fuck her already she's about to explode so I told her to face the wall and I spank her ass kissing her back and pulling her hair, she guide my dick inside her pussy as I fuck her and when it was inside her warm, wet pussy I pound and pound her pussy until she came. I told her i'm going backdoor and she said she only did it once and it hurts but I told her i'll go easy and slowly, she open her ass cheeks with both of her hand and hold my dick and slowly inserted it in her ass, she was crying and moaning and when I ask her if I should stop she said keep going it feels so good and painful but keep going, so I fuck her ass standing until I came. We put our pants on and I hold her hands and took her to the bed and she went to sleep, I went back to the basement and sleep there with all my cousins. The next morning she told me her ass hurts but she didn't regret it, instead she said thank you for making me cum.