Friday, October 8, 2010

MIL Virgin Ass

I have been fucking my mother in law for about six months, we live in the same house, her husband goes to work early so is my wife, I work from 3pm to 11pm and my mother in law works 2pm to 12am. So we are at home most of the time. She always watches soap opera until she goes to work. We had sex most of the time in my room upstairs so we can see or hear if anybody of the family comes home early, she never say no and I did the same. I fuck her constantly almost everyday and when she has a fight with her husband she let it out by fucking me.
I was sitting in the living room with her and just watching, she told me she saw me fucking my wife in the ass during the weekend when she was going to our room to ask something and she heard my wife sounds in pain and moaning at the same time so she open the door a little bit to see if I’m hurting her daughter and she saw me fucking my wife in the ass and she close the door enough to watch for a few seconds and she saw my wife likes it after a few plowing.
I ask her if she’s curious about getting fuck in the ass and she told me she is but it feels so painful. I talk her about it that I’ll be doing it slowly and I will use a lube, use my finger until her ass adjust and I will go with 1 finger and 2 finger and when its lube up I will slowly put my dick in her ass. She told me to wait for her in my room and get ready while she go and clean her ass. I was lying down on the bed watching a movie and she came in the bed she suck and lick my dick and kiss me and she whispered she’s ready now.
I told her to bend over and just relax if she can, I told her the lube is a little cold and I rub it in her butt cheeks and pour some in her ass hole.
“Do it slowly I know it will hurt” said mil.
I put in 1 finger to her ass and she was hurting and when I ask her if I have to stop she told me to keep going and after a few minutes as her ass widen up I use 2 fingers and pushing 2 fingers in and out, I put lube when its needed and I can hear her moan and telling me it feels good.
“It’s time for your ass to take my dick” I said calmly
She put her face down and I spread her legs wide open also her ass cheeks and put some lube in my dick. As I go in, she told me to pause for a second because it hurts, she then told me to continue and I went so deep in her ass that she was screaming with pleasure and pain, I went back and forth plowing her ass and she love ever single pain and pleasure. I fuck her so hard her head was hitting the bed board, I made her play with her pussy too and when she was about to cum I told her I’m almost coming too so I went faster and faster and we came together and I pulled my dick out after, I was in that ass for so long when I took my dick out her ass hole stayed open. I lay next to her and she didn’t want to lay down but I told her to lay down and she did and she said her ass hurt so bad she can sit down, I told her in a couple of hours she would be okay.
She told me my cum is coming out of her ass and she smiled but she don’t want to move because she said it hurts whenever she move her body. We stayed in the bed naked for a few minutes. She told me she never expects how good it is until now. She thanked me for the good time again and new things she experience with me, when I went to smoke I go a hard on again so I went to the restroom where she was taking a shower I told her to bend over and I want to fuck her pussy for a quickie and she sticks her ass out from the tub and I doggy style fucking her pussy until I came. She said I’m a horny bastard but she loves it. If her husband fucks her that night she wants me to fuck her ass and if she don’t get any from her husband the night before she makes me fuck her pussy and when she has a period and I’m horny she jerk me off and swallow my cum and gives me a blowjob. It just fun sex we both call it. I ask her maybe someday a 3 way with you , me and my wife and she laugh at me and said “yeah right, like it will ever happen” 

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