Thursday, October 7, 2010

Accidental Cream Pie

I was so tired when I got home my wife.
“Papa can you go watch my cousins, you don’t have to watch them, they just need someone old enough to stay with them, caroline is there she’s 18 but she don’t like to be bothered a lot.” Wife said.
 “Okay I’ll go in a couple of minutes” I told my wife.
“Thanks papa, just for a few hours, their parents just went out for a dinner date or something” my wife said happily.
Caroline is not pretty, she’s chubby, short, short curly hair. Her asset is her tits, they are so big that they are sagging down, when she wears a thin bra or just her shirt bra less at her house I can’t stop staring at them when nobody is looking and she caught me once when she was walking passing the TV while I was watching, when she look back she saw my head following her,
“The TV is there” as she point at the TV and she smiled and went to the kitchen.
“I looked at you because you distract me” I said and everyone was laughing they know I always talk shit with my sarcasm.
When I got to their house caroline’s siblings are watching tv in the living room and I told them I’ll be in caroline’s room watching if they need anything. I knock on her door and told her if I can watch in her room, she let me in and lock her door.
“why did you lock the door?” I ask.
“so they have to knock, I don’t like people that just comes in without asking” she replied.
She was doing her home work and I was watching sports while lying down on her bed. I couldn’t stop to ask her to put something on top of her in-shirt and something that I can’t see through her clothes.
“Is it a torture to you seeing me almost naked?” she said.
“Yeah, why don’t you might as well take it off so I can see your whole body naked, or put something that I can’t see through you and gets me horny” I said.
“I’m on my last question of my homework I’m going to tease you when I’m done” she replied.
“To see is to believe!” I said.
“you know what, I’ll do you a lap dance naked” she replied.
“I’d let you do it if I get to fuck you” I said.
“If you promise not to cum inside me I would let you” she replied.
I thought she was just messing with me like we always talk shit with each other when we are with other families around. She finish her homework and she went to the restroom, when she came back she has a towel covering her body and she told me she went to tell her siblings not to bother her, if they need something just call her cell. She locks the door and she took the towel and she was bare naked.
“did you think I was joking?” she said.
“yes pretty much” I replied.
“well, I’m not and do you like what you see?” she said.
I told her that she got an amazing body and her tits are just staring at me. She grabs them and play with them, she told me to sit and she started dancing in front of me on my lap, she told me not to touch whenever I tried. She turns around after 5 minutes of dancing, she face me and sat on my lap and told me to suck and play with her boobs, she grab my head and put it in between her tits and she rubbing them on my face. I suck her tit, nipples and all, as she moans she whispered me to take my pants off.
“I’m too horny already, I want to fuck now” she demanded.
I lay down on the bed while sucking her tits and she got on top of me and took my shorts and boxer down to my knees.
“do you want to know how wet I am right now?” she giggles.
I nodded and she took my middle finger and she made me feel her pussy. It was very wet and slimy inside her hot juicy tight pussy. I told her I can’t wait to get inside that pussy and just plow it until I cum. She told me not to cum inside her pussy, so I told her.
“I have some condoms, we can use.” I told her.
“I don’t enjoy condom, I want to feel the real skin of the dick” she replied.
“Okay fine, let’s do this.” I said.
She holds my dick and she was guiding my dick to her pussy as she sits on top of me.
 “Oh my fucking god” she said surprised.
“What now?” I replied.
“I fuck a few guys but their dick is not like yours?” she said.
“what do you mean?” I ask.
“Well, your dick size is nice but the head is fat, I thought it was a mushroom, its scary how big is the head gees” she replied.
“Are you backing out?” I said.
“With a dick like yours, it’s hard to pass on that” she replied.
“I think I’m going to get hurt like being fuck for the first time again” she said.
My dick is ready to go inside her wet pussy and plow it when she said “I’m scared to stay on top, can you just take me laying down?” I told her okay then. So she lay down and open her legs, I see her shaking a little bit as I go in between her legs. When I look at her pussy, it looks so good, just a line thick lips just like a close mouth I can’t wait to open it. I spread her legs as I get closer she hold and guide my dick with her hand shaking scared.
“Slowly okay” she said.
I slowly went inside her with her hand controlling how fast I’m going inside her pussy, when I put it in about a little be she cried out loud,
“Stop there, it hurts. It feels like a wound that you forcing it to open” she said teary with her eyes closed.
I paused and I follow what she ask, when she say push I pushed, when she say stop I stop, until its all the way deep inside here pussy and I slowly pull and push back and fort slowly, and every time I push she say “ouch, it feels so fucking good”.
Even though she was hurting she told me not to stop after a while and she still saying it hurts as I plow her pussy and ramming my dick all the way deep inside her. I fuck her tight pussy until she came. When I was about to cum I didn’t tell her, I wanted to cum inside that fucking pussy. When I came she said “oh my god you came inside me?”
“I’m sorry I got excited of your tight pussy” I replied.
She told me she felt my cum inside and it feels so good but scared she might get pregnant. I kept on plowing her until it slips off her pussy and I lay down with her and kiss her lips and thank her. She put her hands on her pussy and told me its stings and she slowly got up and went to the bathroom and clean up and put her clothes back on, I put my shorts and boxers back on and stay on the bed and when she came she said all my cum came out when she cleans her pussy in the bathroom.
“I feel burn inside and outside my pussy and it bleed” she said.
“I glad like it though” I replied.
“I wasn’t expecting your dick head to be that big” she said.
She sat down and kisses me on my lips. She lay down next to me and we just relax. She still have her hands on her pussy waiting for the burn to go away and her parents called her cell phone and ask what we want to eat so they can buy it on the way back home. She told them what she and her siblings not knowing I’m on the bed with her playing her tits while she talks to her mom.
She told me to stay in the living so they wont noticed and when I left the bed and went to smoke outside, she came out after a couple of minutes and she told me there’s a blood in her sheets and she put them away already. We kick it outside until her parents came and her mom thanks me for watching her children.
While I was smoking outside caroline told me she would like to do it again sometime. I told her what day I’m off and when her cousin is not home. I fucked her at my house when she comes by from school before she goes home. She told me I can cum inside her whenever we fuck. She sometimes blames me that her pussy got wider and bigger now. We laugh about it. She is now skinny not bony but her tits are just as big and saggy as it was.

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