Friday, September 17, 2010

Sister In Law gave me a BJ while Wife on the phone.

My sister in law came to visit with her mom and dad during a holiday weekend, we hangout and just drink, getting wasted and have occasional fucking. My wife was away for work and she called to talk to our kids but they are out to the mall, only her sister and I are home, she talk to her sister right next to me at the couch where we drink and smoke on the backyard house. While she was talking to her sister she signal me to stand up in front of her quietly, I got up and she took my pants down and started sucking on my dick and I over heard her sister ask her what she doing and she told her I’m giving your husband a blow job  and I was shocked but my wife said sure you are and she said “I’m sucking on a lollipop I bought at the store when we went to buy beer”, while they are talking my wife bought the whole thing that it’s a lollipop  so my wife didn’t mind her talking weird because she taught it is what her sister told her. She was talking to her while I was busy going in and out of her mouth she was smiling and licking my dick, when I was about to explode I held her head pushing in and out of her mouth and I told her I’m about to cum and she pointed me to cum around her mouth and I did just that and put my dick back inside her mouth and told my wife to hang on a sec just have to wipe her sticky mouth from the lollipop. She wrote on a paper “Wasn’t that fun?” I nod my head as a signal of yes and smiled at her. I just laid back on the couch and drink while they talked some more. My sister in law is crazy like that but she don't snitch.

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