Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mother In Law : Substitute For Sex While My Wife Is In IraQ.

I have been married for a few years and my wife was deployed to Iraq about about 3 months ago and she told her mom to come visit us as often as possible, as a mother that supports her daughter wishes, she visited every other weekend.

I'm close to my mother in law, we talk about everything even her sex life sometimes and ask me about it too. We're that open with each other. She's a very conservative, turtle neck wearing clothes kind of woman. She's in her early 50's, has 3 daughters and the eldest is my wife. She takes care of herself good.

She always calls almost every single day when she has her lunch from work and we talk for the whole hour of her lunch time and she ask about the kids and how we doing and how's my wife and stuff like that. She lets her anger out when she talks to me, she feels like she can just tell me anything and she's been telling me things personal since forever especially when she's mad at her husband, her brothers and sisters and parents and her daughters. She tells me about her not getting laid more than twice a month and we laugh together. I said "that sucks!"

A few days later we run out of topic since she calls every single day and sometimes you just have nothing to talk about and she ask from out of no where about how i'm dealing with having no sex for a few months now.

Me: "i masterbate almost daily"
MIL: "daily?, how often you and your wife sleeps together?"
Me: "whenever one is horny we find and make time for sex and that's about 2-3 times a day"
MIL: "how are you coping with it?"
Me: "it's hard but i'm trying so hard that's why i just masterbate whenever i feel the needs"
MIL: "it must be hard then, from getting laid whenever you want and suddenly no sex"
Me: "yes its hard.. masterbating sometimes is getting too boring"
Me: "I want to have sex for real, nothing serious just so i can be inside a woman"
Me: "but i guess i can wait for a year until my wife comes back"
MIL: "I can probably help you with that when i go there during the weekends." she giggled.
So i didn't took it seriously, instead i played along thinking she started the joke.
Me: "don't joke about it, i might take it seriously"
I laugh....
Me: "that would be so cool though, i don't have to go look for another woman all i want is just sex anyways"
We both laugh .....
MIL: "come on, youre too young why would you want to sleep with an old woman like me?"

I think she tries to trick me to see how faithful i am to her daughter.

Me: "for your age you are very very hot and beautiful"
MIL: "thank you."

She said it so warmly i can hear it from her voice on the phone..

And it's time for her to go back to work.

MIL: "i'll call you again."
MIL: "i need to go back to work now, tell my grand kids to take care and good night"
Me: "okay, thanks for calling again."
MIL: "no problem"
Me: "okay bye for now!!!"

That night i couldn't sleep and just thinking about what she said on the phone, I had liked her sexually before but i never pay attention to my feelings, i don't want to ask MIL about sex because that will ruin the relationship and that kept me from having thoughts of asking her for sex.

She called again the next day but never mentioned anything about the sex talk we had and for a whole week we never talk about sex so i told myself its probably just a joke so i never thought of it much anymore.

Friday came, her husband drops her off for the weekend and i thought things changed with her and i but she seems to be the same as she was before when talking to me.

MIL: "can you bring me to the casino after the kids go to sleep?"

Casino is about 1 hour away from where we live....

Me: "sure no problem"

She cooks for the kids and fed them and she talk to my wife on cam from iraq and when they were done she watch with the kids and read books and put them to bed. She went to the bathroom and had a quick shower and she went to change.

MIL: "are you ready to drop me off soon?"
Me: "yes, i'm ready, just let me know when"
MIL: "Okay"

While she was fixing her hair in the bathroom i'm in the living room just watching basketball and when she was done she came and sat down with me and we both watch basketball, she's a lakers fan and so i am so we both watch and when the game is finish.

MIL: "shall we?"
Me: "okay lets go."
MIL: "i hope we can win some money"
Me: "i hope so too"

We walk to the garage and open the car door for her and started the car. It's about an hour away so we talk while i was driving and she started talking about her husband and sounded mad and i think she needs someone to listen to her and attention is what she wanted.

MIL: "he pisses me off, i'm just glad i'm away for a couple of days"
Me: "why, what happen?"
MIL: "don't worry about it... I'm just glad you're always there to listen to me when i need to talk to someone."
Me: "it's okay, i'm happy to listen and give my opinion"
MIL: "you're so easy to talk to!"
Me: "that's what people say about me"
MIL: "well, they're right."
Me: "thanks"
MIL: "you're welcome"
MIL: "i want to go to casino so i can get my anger out or forget my problems for a few hours"
Me: "maybe you just need to get laid" i giggled
MIL: "i know right, maybe that's what i need, i haven't had it for about a month now"
Me: "really?"
MIL: "yes, you haven't had it longer than i had"
Me: "that's true, i wish its that easy to just find a woman that i can just ask to have sex with whenever i get horny, i don't want anything serious just to be inside a woman and i will be happy hehehehe"
MIL: "yeah that's hard, how about me?" she laugh
MIL: "i can't get pregnant anymore but i don't think you want someone old as i am!"

I'm puzzled if she's trying to give me a hint or implying anything so i played along since it's still a long way to the casino. If i noticed something that makes her not comfortable i can always say i'm just messing with you anyways.

Me: "i might just ask you later when we get back home." as i laugh a bit.
MIL: "yeah sure i'll sleep at the other room tonight and just come over"
MIL: "hahaha, i can be your wife's substitute for sex while she's gone "
MIL: "i'm not going to tell, i have my fair share when i was with my husband, back when we we're still dating" she giggles.

We both started to laugh at it... I was thinking that she might be just messing with me again so i played along.

Me: "you know me, i won't say anything either"
Me: "i don't wanna ruin my marriage, all i want is just to get laid and that's it nothing serious just the feel of being inside a woman and i'll be good"
MIL: "sounds good to me"
Me: "cool, we're here, let me dropped you off the front door and i'll go park the car and i'll meet you inside."
MIL: "Okay"
Me: "I'll be there inside"
MIL: "inside where? inside me?"

She said as she walks out from the car and laughing as i smiled and went to park the car in the lot. I felt embarrass when she laugh but i got over it. I went inside the casino and play a bit, i don't gamble much i just go there for the free coffee and free beer. I found her and i sat beside her on the next slot machine. I was drinking beer while playing.

MIL: "let me taste your beer!"
Me: "sure, but you don't drink"
MIL: "i might get drunk after 1 beer that's why i just wanted a sip or two"
Me: "i can order you more if you want some more"
MIL: "its okay, i can drink off of yours"
Me: "no problem"

We both drink the beer and i ordered another and about 3 beers she ordered coffee for both of us.

MIL: "you have to drink some coffee now we're going home soon and you're driving"
Me: "fair enough"

After i drink the coffee.
Me: "i'm gonna wait in the car just rest for a few minutes and just come out when you're ready to go home"
Me: "oh yeah, here's the spare key"
MIL: "okay thanks"

I walk out of the casino and went to the car and slept. About an hour or two later she came, open the car and sat down and woke me up

MIL: "hi.. are you awake"
Me: "yes i'm awake now"
Me: "let me just smoke and we go"
MIL: "okay"

I smoke a cigarette and went back inside the car and when i look at her, her eyes were close but probably not asleep yet but she was leaning by the passenger door with her seat belt on. I started the car and drove out of the casino parking lot. While i was driving the road to the indian casino's has too many zigzag roads and about 15 minutes of driving through the curvy road she got push to me and now she's leaning on my with her head on my shoulder and it gotten heavier after a few minutes i put my hand on her leg to use it as an extra support and she didn't say anything so to keep me awake i was tapping my fingers on her legs with the beat of the music all the way until we got home.

I rub her leg when we got to the garage.

Me: "we're home"
MIL: "already?"
MIL: "i was sleeping so good i didn't noticed we're home"

I went to open the door for her and took her hand, she seemed to still be half asleep. I hold her hands until we got inside the house.

MIL: "let me kiss my grand kids and go to bed"
Me: "okay"

I went in my room and change to my PJ's and went back to the living room. The bathroom shower turned on and i was still watching, she might be just showering up to get the smoke smell on her from the casino's. She sleeps in the kids room usually. After she took a shower she came in the living room and she was drying her hair while i was watching random shows. I can smell her fresh from the shower smell and she uses a perfume or cologne that is just gives me a hard on.

After she dry her hair from combing....

MIL: "good night, it's already 3am"
Me: "yeah i'll go to"
MIL: "thank you for taking me to the casino"
Me: "don't worry about it, i had a good time"

For my surprise she didn't go to the kids room, instead she went to the other room. That made me realize if she was being truthful of what she told me in the car. I don't know what to do, questions are started to grow in my head, if i should or should not, she might say yes but what if she say no then what. It would ruin the what we had before. I went in my room and turn the lights off and just laying down and i gathered a lot of my guts to just go there and see if i can talk to her and tell her i can't sleep and i need to talk to someone. After a few minutes i did went and knock on the door.

MIL: "come in sit down here on the bed."
Me: "i can't sleep, just want to talk to someone"
MIL: "okay tell me"
Me: "i just want a company, i guess"
MIL: "why don't you lay down while i scoot over, hopefully you can relax and able to get some sleep"
Me: "thanks for always being there when i need someone to talk to"
MIL: "same here"

We just laying in our back...
MIL: "will it makes you more comfortable if you put your hands on my stomach, if you want to"
Me: "okay"
So I turn side ways and put my hands on her stomach... She turn around and her back is now in front of me, my hand is still at her waist and she scoot back and both of our body are now touching, the only thing in between is our clothes and my dick got hard when she push her body back towards me and my dick touch her ass.

She moves her ass bit by bit rubbing her ass on my dick and i did the same thing and i started to kiss her back and her back neck, she moans every time i lick her neck and so i stayed on the neck for a few minutes while my other hand pulling her night dress up and put my hand inside her undies and went down to her pussy and play with it, rubbing and putting my finger inside her pussy as she moans as i play with her clit and my fingers inside her, i got up the bed and took my pj's and my boxers off and i went back on the bed as she lays down on her back i started to slide her night dress up towards her head as she helps by moving her body up while i'm taking her clothes off of her.

She's not wearing a bra so after i took her dress off i lick her boobs and just stayed there for a while kissing her all over and when i get to her lips... she whispered softly

MIL: "not on the lips, it gets too personal when we start to exchange saliva and we don't want that to happen"
Me: "I thought that's just in the movies that they say that" as i was still kissing her neck
MIL: "i'm not ready for other positions, i want missionary only please."
Me: "Okay"

I kiss her down to her boobs again and down to her stomach and took her undies slowly off of her and she didn't show any resistance. i went back to kissing her again on her neck to her boobs while i moved my body on top of her and between her legs. Her pussy is already wet, as i start to push going into her pussy i felt her body shaking a bit maybe she's scared or what she was thinking about but i went ahead and put my dick inside her and she moan, it feels so good, for almost 10 years that i've been longing to have sex with her it's finally happening.

I'm in and out of her pussy and playing with her clit at the same time, i can hear her moan of arousal and we had sex for the first time. that feeling of having sex for the first time and it just feel so good. When i push down to her pussy she push hers up and its like that until a while then she held me tight while she moans louder and louder and she's about to explode and so did i. I plowed her faster and faster until we both came together and we both say "that's was so good sex" and i didn't want to get off of her so....

Me: "can i stay inside you for a little bit more"
MIL: "sure..."

I had my dick inside her for a few minutes and i laid down right next to her ...

Me: "thank you, i needed that for a long time already"
MIL: "you're welcome, just ask when you need to get your load off of you"
Me: "you can count on it...
MIL: "i can't do it anytime, just ask me and i'll make some time when we're alone or the kids are sleeping"
Me: "I respect that..."

That morning i woke up and she's gone. the kids are up and she's cooking break fast already. i thought there will be a barrier between us and when i went to the living room after washing my face and brush my teeth.

MIL: "hello good morning"
Me: "hi.. what we having for breakfast"
MIL: "they wanted some eggs and hot dogs so that's what we're having"
Me: "oh okay"

Since that first time we had sex i thought its going to be weird now but 3 months later we still talks like it was just without the sex together and all that. I guess the kissing on the lips works because i just feel the lust to her no feelings of love or care besides being my wife's mom and i always put in my head that it's just sex to get the stress out, so don't feel bad much. When my wife comeback it should stop already. I don't feel the urges of wanting her more and more but she's always try if she can to make sure i get laid.

I'm happy that my Mother In Law is willing to have sex with me as a substitute "for now" to my wife that's in iraq. It's bad i know but it's my life and its not your business to be telling me what to do. I'm just glad everything is going fine with us. We had sex every time they go here and i don't have to masterbate as much any longer.

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